Ship‘s IT Solutions

Connected IT Infrastructure

Our integrated Ship’s IT solutions enable fleet harmonization in terms of IT infrastructure and secure information flow on board and ship-to-shore. By implementing a modern IT infrastucture on your fleet, you always have access to the critical business information and your data is always secure. We provide installation and maintenance of IT equipment on board and ashore including server, storage, network, etc.

Integrated IT Solutions for all stakeholders

Office – Fleet Operations

  • Real-time data exchange
  • Remote maintenance
  • Full insights into the ship‘s status
  • VSAT / Airtime top ups

Ship – Master & Crew

  • Data updates (charts, ADP, etc.)
  • Handling of Admin work on board
  • Remote maintenance
  • Communications
  • Atomation of files exchange
  • Real-time data exchange
  • Video chat, instant messages

IT Department

  • Reliability of IT Systems
  • Monitoring of system health
  • Cyber-secure infrastructure
  • Predictive maintenance of ship‘s IT
  • Ship as extension of office through VPN connection