Smart Maintenance

Complete Overview, Minimum Downtime and
Full Cost Control

Pro Nautas Smart Maintenance solution provides a full insight into equipment status installed on board. It allows to plan maintenance in order to minimize downtime and keep costs under control.

The solution is based on systematic preventive measures and quick and efficient actions in case of equipment failure. We also keep a complete database of equipment status and service records, which allows access to a detailed history of your fleet equipment maintenance.

We also ensure your fleet compliance with the mandatory surveys according to SOLAS. All required service attendances will be arranged and monitored by a designated service coordinator in accordance with the sailing schedule of your fleet and due dates of surveys. All services will be performed in efficient way to guarantee time-and cost-savings.

MaintSTAR Application
Full insight into maintenance history and planning

  • Maintenance management in line with the manufacturers and class requirements
  • Full database of installed equipment, components, and certificates fleet-wide
  • Intelligent jobs planning based on data analytics
  • Administration of maintenance jobs
  • Condition Based Monitoring data and analytics
  • Historical records of all performed maintenance
  • Integration of related documents like manuals, drawings, specifications, service reports, images etc.

What you get

24/7 support

Designated Point of Contact

Remote support

Quick solutions based on comprehensive analysis

Remote service – our experts team will guide you through the process where we can avoid vessel attendance

A team of multi-skilled technicians

Skilled team capable of handlining sophisticated service cases